About Us

On September 28, 2016, the AWESAFE brand was officially established as a globally recognized registered brand. Upholding the core concept of "a we safe," these three words represent "A" for safety (safety is our top priority), "WE" for us (emphasizing the strength of the team), and "SAFE" for safety again (reiterating the importance of prioritizing safety). AWESAFE is committed to creating a safety-first driving environment, focusing on enhancing the automotive experience and enjoyment while prioritizing driving safety, making every driver and passenger feel the warmth of home.

Since its inception, AWESAFE has been dedicated to the research, development, and production of automotive interiors and related products. Through continuous innovation, the brand strives to transform vehicles into a second home for drivers and passengers. AWESAFE consistently adheres to a conscientious, focused, and professional attitude, aiming to provide high-quality products and attentive service to every user. By incorporating the "a we safe" concept into every detail, we work together to create a more enjoyable and secure travel experience.

But first, declare that our products are not from official car brands.

Want to know more about us, please contact our customer service email:support@awesafeinc.com

Company address:Room 601, West Block, Building A9 Tianliao Building, Tianliao Industrial Zone, Xueyuan Avenue, Xili shenzhen guangdong China.